Embed Google Maps

Embed Google Maps

Google Maps Embed: Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without Google Maps. Google has revolutionized our way of living in virtually every way possible, which might not have only positive implications for some people. However, the majority of us can agree that Google Maps has become an essential part of our lives that has made things easier and life simpler. Now it is easier to get from one place to another, thanks to Google Maps.

We can search and edit the addresses of our homes, schools, and universities. We can rate and review businesses, organizations, and institutions.

We can provide feedback to parties involved and interested. We can take pictures and attach them to specific locations to make places more recognizable and easier to find for others. When allowed to track, Google Maps provides a monthly review of our physical activity, as well as the places we have visited and the things we have enjoyed. Most importantly, for those of us who get easily frustrated by a traffic jam, Google Maps lets us know beforehand about the potential or ongoing delays on our way to work or school so we can take the alternate road or postpone our journey.

There is one more important thing Google Maps lets us to do. If we have recently opened up a small business or established a center for the public interest, we can mark the exact location of the place together with the name to make it more easily accessible to anyone. This way the businesses usually get more recognition from customers who might be searching the directions to the place. The best part of this is that it's free like most of the services on Google Maps.

You can make this process even easier for your customers, and you can embed the address and the location of the place directly onto your website. It is natural that people usually look for the company's website and look up the contact section where the phone numbers, emails, and the address are listed. If they do not recognize the street or the avenue your organization or business is located at, they go on to Google Maps to search for the place.

Now you can make this process way easier for them. You can embed the part of the Google Maps, so your customers can see it clearly, and they need just one click for "Directions" that will take them to your place.


How to embed a Google Map to your website?

Embedding a Google Map works on all the websites.  Also, it does not require you to have any particular computer or IT literacy skills to perform this simple task, and you can do it in just seconds.

In order to embed a Google Map, the first thing you need to do is to set up a personal or a business account on Google. If you already have one, just log in with your username and password. After you have successfully logged in, you go to your Google Apps section on the top right corner of your account and choose "Maps."

Once you open Google Maps, you will be presented with a number of options on the left side of the menu. Down in the list, you will see an option that says "Share or Embed Map." It automatically jumps to sharing link for your location. You can send the link to your friends and family through Google Maps. But next to this option will be "Embed a map," which when clicked gives you an overall frame on Google Maps that will be embedded. You can change the size of the area by zooming in or out focusing only on the street or the building you want to include in your map. Moreover, you can also choose the side of the frame of your map from small, medium to large, as well as a custom size.

When choosing custom size, you will be asked to put in dimensions yourself for the width and length of your map. Choose the size accordingly depending on the content and the space on your personal blog or the website. After you have done that all is left is to click on "Copy HTML," and the iframe code will be copied to your clipboard. Now you can copy the code into the source code of your website. As for copying the iframe code into the source code of your website, you can use almost any up-to-date browser that allows you to embed social media elements.

However, please be advised that using iframe code in order to embed Google Maps on your personal blog or website is for personal use only. If you are trying to embed a map on your commercial or business website, then the best way to approach embedding is by Google Maps API (Application Programming Interfaces). Embedding with API is a bit more complex, and in some cases there could be a service fee charged by Google for embedding, depending on the type of the website you are using. It is also worth noting that most of the companies use embedding with Google Maps API. You can find the instruction on setting up Maps Embed API on Developer Guide Google.


Presence on Google Maps

Being present and recognizable on Google Maps does not only make it easier for people to locate the business, but it also means bigger profits. In March 2019 Google CEO revealed some of the Maps, Search and Gmail statistics according to which we know that 5,388,914 websites are using Google Maps while the smartphone application from the Google Play store has been downloaded for more than 1 billion times.

All of these prove that Google Maps is a market in a sense where information is shared. It also serves as a business directory since not only it provides the addresses for the companies and businesses and institutions, but phone numbers, some essential information, and pictures uploaded by the owner or the users, and, most importantly working hours for most of the businesses.

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